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Tax Incentives Available

ATTENTION: Are you aware of the 2011 Section 179 Deduction in the IRS Tax Code?

Section 179 allows a business to deduct, for the current tax year, the full purchase price of financed, paid in full or leased equipment and off-the-shelf software that qualifies for the deduction--all of our equipment qualifies. This tax break is an incentive for U.S. businesses to invest in themselves. Tax deduction sections change yearly. The 2011 Section 179 Deduction qualifying equipment must be put into service between 01/01/2011 and 12/31/2011. Act now, invest for the future!

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FACT: Did you also know that according to a Nielsen's 2011 Global Online Environment & Sustainability Survey, of more than 25,000 Internet respondents in 51 countries, that 83% said "it's important for companies to have environmental programs". These consumers believe that producing energy efficient products and appliances have a positive impact on the environment. The "Green" movement isn't a fad--consumers are willing to make a difference by buying eco-friendly. What are you waiting for?

Please keep in mind that to qualify for the Section 179 Deduction, the below equipment must be purchased and put into use between January 1, 2011 and December 31, 2011.

  • Equipment (machines, etc) purchased for business use
  • Tangible personal property used in business
  • Business Vehicles with a gross vehicle weight in excess of 6,000 lbs (Section 179 Vehicle Deductions)
  • Computers
  • Computer Software ( "Off-the-Shelf" Software)
  • Office Furniture
  • Office Equipment
  • Property attached to your building that is not a structural component of the building (i.e.: a printing press, large manufacturing tools and equipment)
  • Partial Business Use (equipment that is purchased for business use and personal use - generally, your deduction will be based on the percentage of time you use the equipment for business purposes.)

Excerpt from

Who Qualifies for Section 179?
All businesses that purchase, finance, and/or lease less than $2 million in new or used business equipment during tax year 2011 should qualify for the Section 179 Deduction. If a business is unprofitable in 2011, and has no taxable income to use the deduction, that business can elect to use 100% Bonus Depreciation and carry-forward to a year when the business is profitable.

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