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Modular Thermoforming Ovens


The ECO-WOLF, INC. modular thermoforming oven provides superior system expandability and flexibility. No other thermoformer offers our cost effective method to re-size and reshape your oven as may be required in the future; instead of buying new, upgrade as your company grows. Our unique modular design allows for easy additions to the system, including enlargement of the heating surface and the addition of a second forming station.

We offer two main types of thermoforming machines; moving sheet or platen. The moving sheet feature is when the heated sheet is lowered to the platen for forming a desired part. In contrast, moving platen utilizes a scissor jack or screw lift to raise the platen to the heated sheet. Your production needs will determine which type of thermoforming machine you'll need. Note, ceiling mounted or plain heaters are available.

Drying Ovens

Our custom designed and fabricated drying ovens provide excellent performance at an affordable price. 
Engineers at ECO-WOLF, INC. will co-ordinate with you to manufacture any style drying oven to your specifications.

Trim Saws

In today’s harsh economy, every effort to reduce labor costs and maximize profits must be seized.  ECO-WOLF, INC. automated trim saws save time and money while producing a superior finished product.
ECO-WOLF, INC's. Automated Trim saw benefits are, but not limited to: trim edge accuracy, reduction in labor costs, increase parts per hour.
ECO-WOLF, INC. will manufacture a variety of models for the bath and spa industries as well as custom designed units for manufactures around the world. For example, tub and spa trimmers can be customized to include a leg trimmer system; allowing each tub or spa to have its bottom leveled at the same time the flange is cut. A drain hole cutter system is also available that assures you a true parallel hole.

Click here to see the trimsaw in action.

Mixing Tanks


Good quality, robust and durable mixing tanks are the heart of any spray up system.  At ECO-WOLF, INC., we design and fabricate a multitude of mixing tanks to suit the needs of our customers.  Any size, any configuration, stainless steel or polyethylenes are within our capabilities.

Turn Tables

Whether you need a turntable for your spray up fixtures or other applications, the ECO-WOLF, INC. design and fabrication team will develop the equipment required to accomplish the job.  Electric or pneumatic, fixed or articulated, we do it all.

Scrim Laminators

  If your company is in the market for an economical hot oil laminator to apply thermo-set scrims to any substrate material such as balsa or foam, the ECO-WOLF, INC. laminator is an ideal solution.  We design and fabricate each machine to your specifications and requirements.


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